The Japanese Ate The Whales

Out of the blue, a few of us decided to go whale watching 2 weeks ago. This isn’t something I would normally go and do, but the thought of watching massive whales swimming alongside our boat appealed to me.


So, 4 of us (Myrna, myself, Nada & Kiran) went with True Blue Cruises which conducts daily cruises near the harbour entry between May – November. What sounded like a good idea at the beginning soon turned into a disaster as the cruise went underway. Since it involves a cruise, it involves a boat. And where there are boats, there are people getting sea sick….

DSC01442 DSC01441

Yes, 1 hour into the cruise, the gentle waves took its toll on Kiran and Nada. Both could not handle the rough sea, which sees their breakfast ending up in puke bags. Obviously it wasn’t an enjoyable experience for them.

What’s worse was that we may have chosen the quietest time possible of the whale migration period, so there weren’t even any whales in sight! Eventually, we spotted 2 (Yes, just a lousy TWO!!)Southern Right whales near Cronulla. Whilst most were euphoric at first, it wasn’t so exciting when I tried to take photos of them. Even with a massive SLR lens….


The best shots I could get were that of the whale’s back..


And a tiny little tail shot…


Didn’t stop everyone on-board having a go taking photos of it with their tiny little digital cameras…


The best they could get was this…


Of course, it didn’t stop me standing by the side, having a little chuckle at their puny little shots…


It’s funny though how people can get so excited about seeing a whale’s back and tail. That is ALL you can see from a cruise!! For me, I will definitely never go on another whale cruise, let alone the 2 that got sea sick.

Besides, a lot of us left with a little annoyance and wondered where all the whales went! Listening to some of the conversations though, almost ALL unanimously (jokingly, of course) agreed that the Japanese ate all the whales for breakfast that morning!!

How did we all come to blame the Japanese when no whales are in sight?? Very very amusing..

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