I’m in Love..

.. with my Apple iPhone 3G. 🙂 You can well and truly blame this new little device for the absence from my own blog for the last 2 months. Now, I don’t even know what will I do without it for even just one day! It plays music, videos, games, organises my life, surfs the Internet, keeps me up to date with world affairs & finances, identifies music I don’t know the names of, it’s a dictionary, tells me where I parked my car, keeps me in touch with friends anywhere anytime via FaceBook.. you name it, it can be done!! And the best thing is, there’s new things you can do it by the day.

IMG_0007 IMG_0009

Nothing revolutionary, considering heaps of other phones can do it too. But, Apple really does have a way of making their customers LOVE their products. They just do everything better, sexier, cooler! This is definitely one of the best thing I’ve spent my money on this year!

Of course, with anything popular, there is always ALWAYS the jealous few that attacks and mock me for having it. I have to put up with with constant jokes/threats about how ancient it is, its lack of MMS and video calls, inferior camera, short battery life, inability to run multiple programs simultaneously, the up and coming “iPhone Killer” etc etc.. Even “Sex & The City” movie made indirect suggestion that it’s hard to use! Such is the life of an iPhone owner.. 🙂

It doesn’t worry me too much though, because I am truly satisfied with the purchase and fully endorse and recommend anyone to get it. I would even dare say, it will change your life! 😉

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