Surprise Visit by Quyen!

If there is a surprise of the year for 2005, then it has to be the surprise visit by Quyen this weekend. Quyen is my ex-Aldy workmate. Of course she still works there, and has come up to Sydney for a short holiday. Without me suspecting, or any HINT at all, Quyen & her husband rocked up at my apartment at approximately 10:00pm yesterday…

Marissa knew this all along, and kept it a secret all the way. I was well and truly shocked when I see her walked in. What’s even more complicated was that Thor also had a friend visiting from interstate (Ester) arriving at our apartment at the exact same time. So, it was a bit awkward being surprised by one visit, and can’t concentrate meeting Ester.. I think I might have offended Ester a bit.

Anyway, Quyen’s reason of getting in touch with Marissa, was so that she could go out night-clubbing with someone. We ended up at Home Bar, which is only a short stroll from our apartment. Her husand obviously was not interested, and felt he was too old for it. So the girls went off dancing, and me & him sat down and had a chat. I remembered him as the guy with a bike (since he has the same bike I had last year). We didn’t really know each other that well, but nevertheless, from our conversation, he’s not a much tamer man than he used to be.

But Quyen was definitely bringing out the ‘party-chic’ in her tonight. She even asked Marissa a few times for smokes. Hmm.. Given she got married at a young age, and been busy looking after her kids for so long, she finally needed a ‘break’. She definitely wasn’t the Quyen that I know.

Anyway, we went home about 2am. Quyen definitely didn’t have enough, and Marissa was getting a bit drunk, talking rubbish. It was a brief visit, but definitely a memorable one.

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