Creative Arts Workshop with Daniel

What a weekend I had last Saturday & Sunday! After a few weeks wait, the weekend has finally come. Hot models, flexible dancer, perfect weather, FANTASTIC day or Photography!! What more could I ask for!? The morning kicked off with Marissa driving me to Alexandria, where the studio is. As we were eaerly, we even went to a pizza cafe down the road to have a good breakfast..

And then 10am came, I had to leave Marissa with breakfast. I walked up to house number 7. It looked like a quiet household. Certainly didn’t look like a photography studio. A few knocks on the door later, Kieren opened the door for me. I soon discovered, almost everyone was already there before me. Danny was already there. Belinda, our model of the day, was busy with our makeup artist dressing up for our photoshoot. Danny described her as ‘Young version of Nicole Kidman’. I certainly agree with that.

Anyway, our sessions started off with Daniel talking to us about his work, and what we are about to achieve for the day. After approx. 1 hour of talk, we finally get our butts off for our first location shoot. It was to be at a blacksmith museum, which was used to make rail lines.

The whole day was spent shooting Belinda, which was cool. Danny and I, obviously not experienced with working with ‘models’ were too shy to get her to pose for us. We basically shot whatever others have directed her to do. Later on that afternoon, we went back to Daniel’s studio. We had a chance to get Belinda to play with little sparklers. The photos we ended up taking were definitely very ‘arty’..

The 2nd day was done at some dance company near the rocks. We had a male model leaping around the whole day for us. He’s definitely very flexible, and can jump really high. We definitely got our money’s worth, given the amount of effort he had to put into for each of us.

The day was completed with a bit of ‘lecture’ by Adrian on Camera Raw (a feature of Adobe Photoshop).

Both me & Danny finished the day with a lot of new knowledge, and wanting more. I am definitely keen to learn more about studio lighting.

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