So The China Adventure Begins

Here I am, 3 days after officially being unemployed, on a flight to China already. It’s my first time here (Other than Hong Kong), but more importantly this is probably the first time in my life going off travelling with no return ticket at all. I have no itinerary planned whatsoever, and have no idea where I am staying tomorrow. All I have is some clothes, a new netbook, 2 x cameras, and some random foreign currencies.

Just about everyone asked me when will I be back. My standard answer is, “Who knows? Maybe next week? Perhaps next year? Or when I run out of money??” The AirAsia check-in lady doesn’t seem to like the idea that I do not have a return ticket, and gave me a strange look. Perhaps she’s contemplating reporting me to customs, thinking I might be escaping the country?

So the next question you may ask, is “Why?” My answer could range from taking a career break, to mid-life crisis, to travelling the world, and even running away from pregnant ladies. Not that any of that is true or false.

All I know is, my first stop is Hang Zhou. I have the address of where I will be staying tonight. All good… Let’s see what China has to offer.

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One Thought to “So The China Adventure Begins”

  1. Denxiro

    Hello, Ant. i was big surprised when knowing you are in China now. Luckily, you can speak its language unlike in Macao (?). With your profession and experience,i think you easily find a good job there. Wish you a happy trip and new exciting life! Best wishes!

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