Last Day at EMC

Well, 21st May is my last day at EMC (Funnily enough, 21st is also my first day in EMC back in 2007). After about 2.5 years, I have decided it’s time to take a break. Out of all the jobs in the past, I have to admit this one is the hardest to leave, especially when I have become so close to many. These are the same boys & girls who I have spent not just many hours working together, but also taken part in countless outings like snowboarding, snorkelling, canyoning, BBQ trips & so on. So, naturally the last dinner was rather difficult one for me:


Thanks to Mirza & Kiran for organising this! Really appreciate it!

This last email I sent sums up my feelings about the North Ryde team:

—–Original Message—–
From: Wong, Anthony
Sent: 2010/5/21 [???] 10:55
Subject: North Ryde Team… Thanks Very much!

Boys & girls! Special last day email for the North Ryde team and some others that were involved..
I will definitely miss the team here at North Ryde! Looking back in the last 2.5 years, I realised just how much fun & games we had since day 1. As a team, we managed to get together for many events like:

1. Snow Trips  /
2. Snorkelling Trip to Manly
3. Food "Festival"
4. Fun with Vending Machine
5. Invent a new sport!

Look at the them, and have a laugh. Of course we ‘worked’ hard as well, but I hope you guys won’t lose that sense of ‘fun’ and get out there! Don’t become Melbourne! 😛

Anthony Wong


Of course, I was almost surprised to also see this card presented to me:



North Ryde team.. if you’re reading this.. thank you once again, for the brilliant farewell.

Thanks to those that also send some kind words which some are summarised here with only initials included (for your privacy):

KCH –> Hey bro. Thanks for the 1.8 years of guidance and help u have provided to me. All I can is… enjoy ur fullest and come back rejuvenated. This is definitely not the last I heard from u! I will see u again.. haha

JP –> It was good to work with you mate and you’ll be missed in the DSE team.
Look me up one day when you’re back in Melbourne and we’ll go and dive the HMAS Canberra :o)
Cheers and safe travels,

AE –> Hello Anthony, thank you for all the terrific support that you have provided our team. Several people have mentioned how good you were and that you stood out from the rest. I wish you the best of luck in whatever you choose to do and hope that our paths cross someday.

HL –>  Hi Anthony , Wish you all the bests !!! Missed the old days you were here…definitely. Cheers,


So, what’s next for me? Well.. I wish I know as well. But it will definitely involve some travelling overseas.

Beyond that, I have absolutely no idea!!

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One Thought to “Last Day at EMC”

  1. Kiran

    Mate, its been long time.. for some reason i just want to see how we were back in old days…
    thats where i jump to youe site.. and went back in time…

    Hope you are doing well with your family.. saw your son photos.. looks very cute.. msg me when you get time bro,..


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