Snowboard Instructor – Officially

Snowboard instructing isn’t exactly ‘new’ to me, given I had already taught over 20 newbies since 2006. Although I have never actually got paid for it, nor have I ever been recognised for it, there were enough happy faces to encourage me to get properly certified to teach beyond the basics. So, this trip to Japan was as much about travel, as well as getting myself certified to get ‘paid’ for it in the future.

So, on the 20th February, 2010, I can officially say that I am a SBINZ (New-zealand based) instructor, after passing their exam..



Humans are a strange specie though (although perhaps it’s just me). Suddenly, I just want to hang up my snowboard, and go try something else!!

Perhaps helicopter pilot? 🙂

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One Thought to “Snowboard Instructor – Officially”

  1. It is good to always target something new once you have achieved something.

    Chopper pilot is good.
    You get to use your feet to steer. Land anywhere. Use FLIRs. Launch Hellfires. Look through helmet mounted sights.
    I know because I have played Gunship 2000, Team Apache and Jane’s Longbow, having flown Apaches, Comanches, Black Hawks, Defenders and Cobras 🙂

    I think I go back to dream land now 🙂

    Congratulations on reaching certification as a snowboarding instructor.

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