Marry ME!

No, I’m not getting married. So get that out of your mind. Anyway.. this is really a post about admiration for someone else than anything else. So here goes..

It’s rare that I see someone of the opposite sex, doing something SO WELL and be so impressed by it, that it just leaves me in awe. In this case, it’s a video of a Korean girl playing funk guitar. For some unknown reason, after watching it, some hidden forces in my head, kept making me go, “Marry me! Marry me!”

Funnily enough, looking at all the comments, there are definitely quite a few people who would ‘marry’ her too!!

I know what you’re thinking.. you either agree, or now have some doubts about me.. LOL..

I suppose I now  understand why ladies would gladly take their undies off and scream “Marry Me” for a rock star.

Anyway.. back to drooling over this awesome piece of playing..

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