Sibu and Kuala Lumpur Weekend

As a Malaysian born in Sibu (Sarawak), I don’t particular go back to Sibu all that often. And I certainly haven’t been back there since Ethan was born. So when my parents decided to make their annual trip back there for my grandma’s 81st birthday, I didn’t hesitate to join them. Luckily for Ethan, his grandparents made an early trip to Singapore as well so that we can all go to Sibu together. Not to mention all the new toys he received!

Grandparents in Singaopre

The trip for us was a mere 2 days (weekend of 7th Nov), so it was literally fly in and fly out. My grandma’s birthday was held at Kingwood Hotel’s restaurant (also where we stayed), and as far as I know, it’s held there every single year!


Come to think of it, it’s really an occasion for Ethan to run around with all his cousins and uncles/aunties



And a little something different.. like visiting the Sibu Central Market where he got to see a lot of cute (and not so cute) livestock!


For myself, it really was a weeekend where I had way too much of this stuff.. (kampua mee)…

Sibu Kampua Mee


And a whole bunch of other stuff… Ethan seemed to have enjoyed the famous ‘gong pia’ (光饼) biscuit.

tn_IMG_8646 tn_IMG_8650

The trip was literally over before we even knew it. We did fit in another 2 days in Kuala Lumpur, staying over at in-law’s place. Again, it was over in just 2 days, and all I could remember was Ethan getting a haircut (at Sunway Pyramid)…


And took a RM100 blood test for ourselves, and before we knew it, it was already time to head home! Ethan headed home during the last leg back to Singapore like this…


For the first time, it felt like he knew where was ‘home’ and he didn’t mind going back to it at all!



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