Rainie Show Concert On A Rainy Day

Going to last night’s Taiwanese pop concert is probably one of the most ad-hoc thing I’ve ever done. Why? The story begins like this…

I’ve been doing a lot of research in the last few weeks in preparation for my Hong Kong & Vietnam trip. One of the must-do is to go to a pop concert. The only concert available in Hong Kong on the weekend I’m there is by Janice called “My First Concert”. She’s a new face on the music scene, and you would have thought the tickets would be easy to get. Unbelievably it’s not so.. For some reason, it’s completely booked out! There were 4 shows, and all of them booked out with 2 weeks to go! I even called up Hong Kong ticketing office, and they said it’s booked out for over a month now! Now, Janice is a new star and if you read the title, it’s called “My First Concert”. Why is a brand new star’s first concert a sell-out? It turns out, in Hong Kong, every bloody pop concert needs to be booked 2 months in advance or it will sell out. The only tickets I can get now, are tickets that people are trying to flog-off on Yahoo Auctions for hugely inflated prices. *Groan*..

Rainie Show ConcertDeprived of the opportunity, I’m naturally a bit pissed. I feel the need to make up for it, before I go to Hong Kong. I’ve been watching these Taiwanese talk show called “康熙來了”, and it didn’t take me too long to be acquainted with some of the newer Taiwanese stars. The surprise came when I discovered 2 of the big 4 singers in Taiwan are having a show last night!! They are “Rainie Yang” (楊丞琳) & “Show Lou” (羅志祥). The show starts at 7:30pm, and it was 3pm when I found out. Maybe it was fear of missing out, I wasted no time to jumped straight on the Ticketmaster website and booked the tickets by 4pm. By 6pm, and I was at the Sydney Entertainment Centre lining up to go to the concert. I don’t believe you can get any more ‘ad-hoc’ than that! True to its title “Rainie Show”, the ‘rain’ started to pour by the time I got there. JB came with me, and given that he doesn’t understand mandarin, is only interested in checking out young girls. 😛

Raine Show Concert Raine Show Concert

I enjoyed the concert, although my seating isn’t ideal (right at the back). The smarter cheapskates brought their binoculars. I didn’t do too bad. I had my video camera recording away, with a zoom lens so it wasn’t too bad.. If you asked me 2 weeks ago who Rainie and Show are, I wouldn’t have a clue. It turns out, I’ve known these stars from a drama series I watched years ago! And they definitely appear in talk shows everywhere in Taiwan. Their singing is not the best, but they are definitely very good entertainers. Watch the video if I recorded myself below, if you have a very fast connection. You’ll know what I mean.
Raine Show ConcertRainie Show Concert

I’m probably breaking the rules showing the video below. It’s a 5-minutes express cut of the concert. So, watch it while you can. You’ll definitely need a broadband connection!

[flv:/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/videos/RainShowConcert2007.flv 400 320]

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