Pretty Bus Driver

Perhaps I could start by asking you a question. When one mention ‘bus driver’, what does him or her look like in your mind? I don’t know about you, but I picture an over 40s male, usually stocky, looks depressed, and perhaps not on the attractive side. I got a pleasant surprise one day, in China, which destroyed my stereo-typical image of a bus driver.

Yes, this is our bus driver that took us around small town “Tang Kou”  ???? in Huang Shan ????. Sorry I do not have a good quality photo of her. But I suppose this bus driver does not fall into my stereo-typical image of what a bus driver look like. “She” doesn’t look any more than in her mid-20s, dresses in attractive shirts & jeans, carries an over accessorised mobile phone, have dyed Japanese-style brown hair, and have rather attractive features. No issues driving and talking on her mobile either…


What’s probably more interesting is that, she seems to carry on driving this manual bus with ease, overtaking traffic with plenty of horning and swearing as necessary. She will shout at passengers for not getting off the bus quickly as well. With a fierce looking face,  she doesn’t appear to be someone you want to spend too much time messing around with!

Hmm.. she may have well been a make-shift driver for our tour group that day, rather than a regular bus driver. Even then, it’s pretty impressive that she could handle a bus like that. Certainly better than most male bus drivers! There is something very attractive about that! 🙂

Regardless, I certainly find this rather unusual. No??

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