China – Hotel Essentials

I have to give marks to Chinese hotels for this one. I can’t help but notice just how ingenious this is. Usually in a hotel room, you’ll get abundant offerings of snacks, toiletries, water, and perhaps some drinks, which are ALL extras that come with exorbitant prices that normal mortals cannot afford. But, in China, the ‘extras’ on offer are completely different and probably more in tune with what people ACTUALLY want. Here is what I found next to my bed:


Yes, so that’s several packs of condoms of different varieties, and one with vibrating ring. A pack of cards can be purchased too, presumably to allow you to play card games before/after ‘you know what’.

Ooh.. there is also a pack of ladies’ underwear, should you want to keep your lady’s pair, while keeping hers?


Now this one is absolutely hilarious. There is even one to wash your lady’s box, carpet, muff, snatch, whatever you want to call it, before/after what you’ve done to her..


And the instructions on how to use this ‘anti-bacterial lotion’..


Ooh, and it’s even quite affordable! Nothing there cost any more than 15 yuan (About AUD$3). Now that is what I call service!!

Now why haven’t I seen this in every other hotel around the world? Or perhaps YOU have??

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