New Basketball Shoes FINALLY!

I’ve been wanting to get a decent pair of basketball shoes for a while, and haven’t got around to it. I’ve been wearing my trusty old street shoes, and apart from giving me massive blisters on my feet, it’s worked quite well. Also, it’s kinda looking weird that everyone is kitted up in their Nikes, Reeboks and Converse, while I got my street shoes on. Now that I’m playing every Friday (With workmates), and on weekends at the local court near my place, I thought I’ll go and get something to look a bit more serious.

DSC_0947 DSC_0954 DSC_0951
These AND1 “Spotlight Mid” are for sale at InSport Burwood for just $95. I’m not used to an ‘all-white’ color, but it seems to be the fashion these days (at least for basketball shoes). It’s the only size 8 they have left, so I had to take it. I like it for it’s flexibility, as most of the other shoes I’ve tried are pretty stiff. This is the description of the shoe of the official AND1.COM website:

The Spotlight Mid is designed for players whose game keeps them in the spotlight. It will be worn this season by Mike James, Rafer Alston and Marcus Camby. Features an updated version of the exlcusive Trinity System Technology which offers the unmatched support in key performance areas. The Lightweight Synthetic Upper stays true to AND 1’s dedication to making the lightest footwear in the game. Removable “Mad Game” insoles and Polyurethane with an energy return forefoot EVA insert and mid-foot Padax transition plate Mid Sole ensure the highest level of traction on indoor and outdoor courts.

I’ve tested it out in the evening, and I can tell ya, my blisters are now on my toe instead, and my sole gets strained on the sides!! There’s no arch support in these either. Gotta get some in-soles! Damn shoes!

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  1. Darren

    Should have liquid papered out the “D” in your AND 1 and wrote in a “T” so that is becomes “ANT 1” haha 🙂

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