Aussie Stadium Action!

I think everyone knows that I’ve never been a fan of any Australian sports, nor am I good at any of them. I’ve failed them in high school miserably, and probably will never be good at any of them. This includes cricket, rugby and aussie rules. Hence, I’ve never been to a stadium in Australia to watch an Australian sport, nor have I ever been interested to go in the past.

Darren, being a sports fan of just about any sport, organised for JB, myself and him to watch a Super 14 Rugby game at the SCG (Sydney Cricket Ground) tonight. Having been in Australian for over 15 years, I think it’s about time I go and watch an live aussie game! It’s $35, so it’s not tooo bad. The game tonight is for Western Force vs. NSW Waratah. Of course I have no idea who these teams are, nor have I ever heard of them. I barely know how the points system work! The only player that I know of is Lote Tuqiri, who now plays for NSW Waratah. He’s a QUEENSLANDER!! Don’t know what he’s doing playing for NSW, but I thought I’ll support a Queenslander tonight.
DSC_0829 DSC_0844 DSC_0826

The crowd there was not as ‘alive’ as I thought they should be. There’s no commentary (like there is on TV), so at times, it seems a little quiet. And, you know what else is missing? There’s no cheerleaders during half-breaks! i feel ripped off! Alright, they do have fireworks to kick off the game, and the ‘Flash For Cash’ game, which involves the crowd standing up and flashing HSBC’s little banner. If the video camera happens to be pointing at you, you win $5000. Great exposure for HSBC! Of course, I didn’t win $5000 that night!
DSC_0872 DSC_0913

Darren had his lunch money ($10 bet) on Western Force to win, so he was a lot more emotional during the gameplay. I didn’t fall asleep, but was still struggling to decide who to support until the end! But, in the end, the game was a draw at 16 points each. Hehe.. that means Darren lost his lunch money.

DSC_0911 DSC_0940

I learnt a few things about rugby tonight. I still have very little interest watching people banging into each other for a ball. I don’t know if I’ll go again. However, if there is one game I would be interested to go, it would be “State of Origin”! We’ll see…

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