First RC Helicopter

After my dad got a toy RC helicopter from Japan a couple of months back and fooling around with it, I decided I needed a ‘real’ RC helicopter. The one I’ve been playing with is a Jozen 3-channel, that’s perfectly fun for indoor. Funnily though, the toy heli was intended for Ethan! Except he’s way too young to play with RC toys. So, who better to ‘play’ with it than me!? After a couple of months playing with it, it eventually died. After watching a couple of inspirational RC heli videos on YouTube, I was hooked and here it is in the post….

My first RC Hobby Helicopter

It’s a XK100 helicopter that I ordered through eBay, which¬†apparently can do flips and all sorts of stunt moves. It’s well beyond my abilities, and will probably take me some time to learn it. Wonder why I’ve never got into this stuff when I was a kid??


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