Kev & Noni’s Visit to Sydney

Kevin Chui called me today. I have just returned from Switzerland yesterday, and have been spending the day resting at home. Kevin was down here for the SGI Youth Training Course which I missed over the last weekend. He’s extended his stay down here to pay Sydney a visit. We decided to meet up for dinner @ 6pm.

The last time I saw them was when they got married back in May! Anyway, it was good seeing them again. They haven’t changed much. First I brought them to the Japanese restaurant in China Town, followed by a massive dessert @ Riviera Dessert place. Seems like they were impressed by both. We had a pretty good conversation about good old Brisbane, and general stuff. The biggest shock for the night? Apparently Jack went bungee jumping in New Zealand! TWICE! I was shocked, and at the same time getting my respect. Just wasn’t the Jack that I know. But, ever since he met Nina, I think he’s a pretty changed man. I’ve also heard that Kenji & Eri was at the youth training course. Too bad I wasn’t there. Would have loved to catch up with them, and talk about their last great adventure in Egypt.

Anyway.. it was good catching with them..

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