Back In Oz and Reality

It’s amazing just how fast 2.5 months had flown past bringing my extended holiday to an abrupt end. If I included the month that I took at the start of the year to Sapporo, that would mean I have taken over 3.5 months or over 100 days out of the year as holidays this year!

Admittedly there were times during the trip where I felt like being at home. But I am starting to get used to extended holiday like this. Who knows.. next time I do this, it might be 6 months! or 12 months!

The update frequency of this blog will reduce slightly, as a result. Don’t get me wrong, this blog will STILL be updated! I know there are a few readers that follow this blog religiously, and I thank you for that! Please let me know, if there is anything you want to see changed or have any feedback. That is ALWAYS welcome!

Now let me get back to some real work… 🙁

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2 Thoughts to “Back In Oz and Reality”

  1. So, what is your real work these days?

  2. Yan Li

    nothing wrong with that 🙂

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