Exploring Christmas Markets

The one defining feature of European Christmas, would have to be Christmas markets that is littered all over Europe during the festive season. In Munich alone, with just 1.5 days that we spent walking around, we explored no less than 5 Christmas markets, each with its slightly unique theme. If there’s one or two things in common between all of them, it would have to be Bratwurst and Gluhwein (Hot red/white wine).

There’s ┬áno shortage of people gathering around tables chatting away, either holding up their glass of Gluhwein or eating something. Not sure if it’s just the people of Munich, or Europe in general, the locals we came across were willing to talk, and share with us their knowledge and travel tips around Munich and surroundings. I kept thinking, ‘How nice of them!’

One Christmas market featured a skating rink in front of it, and one Christmas market just featured a massive lit-up Christmas tree in front of an ancient building!
And the one I loved the most, was probably the one that featured medieval characters and buildings, complete with medieval characters, cups and utensils!

Apart from Gluhwein and Bratwurst, most Christmas markets have stalls that sell various handmade crafts that I simply don’t care too much about..

A lot of the stuff they sell would be perfect to hang on a Christmas tree. I don’t have one, and I don’t really like the idea of having a fake tree in Singapore/Australia either just so that I can hang these crafty things. Perhaps I would start to buy these things one day I can literally take a real Christmas tree home like these guys..

If there’s one disappointment of the whole experience, it would have to be the lack of snow in Munich. Snow just did not arrive in time this season, to add to the ‘ideal’ picture that I had in mind when I pictured these Christmas markets. Nevertheless, it was Gluhwein that fascinated me the most, and I’ll be spending quite a lot of time drinking away the different varieties from now on to make up for it!


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