A Stroll Through Munich

What is the first thing that two Asians do when they get out of Munich Central station? They head straight to Yorma’s and ate Currywurst and Bratwurst!

After approximately 20 hours of travel time, you just can’t pass these inviting little wieners. Munich is meant to be a ‘stopover’, to check out the famous christmas market here, before we head off to Austria to ski. Being 7 hours behind Singapore, we were probably not in the best shape, given the approximately 4pm in the afternoon here is really about 11pm at night. We checked into our very ‘central’ hotel (right next to the train station) at NH Hotel, and wasted no time to stroll around the streets towards Marienplatz.

Being tourists, and close to Christmas time, there’s no reason to pass by these fantastic cuisines on the way, which includedGluhwein (Hot 11% red wine)…

Hot Red Wine

And these fantastic alcoholic crepes…

It’s first time I came across something called Eierlikor, which looked like mustard, but it is definitely some kind of alcohol based on raw egg (as the guy told me).. and to have it in your crepe!? That’s a first for me..

It’s only the first night.. we plan to look around the Munich Christmas market more tomorrow, and will certainly have more of those German sausages! Before then.. it’s sleeping time… zzzzzz

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