Whereisant Is Multilingual Again!

For a while now, I have been unable to type in any language other than English, since I moved to using Godaddy as the web host. Being USA-centric, the backed database was set to ‘English’ by default, instead of unicode (utf-8). So, all of my previous posts that had any foreign language in it showed up as “????” instead of the of actual characters I typed in.

It has bugged me for ages, because I did not want to take the risk of destroying 5 years worth of blog posts! But, I have finally taken the courage to do the conversion.. and fortunately succeeded!! So here are some foreign characters to test….

Chinese – 你好嗎 ?  How are you?

Japanese – お元気ですか?Are you well?

Korean – 안녕하세요! Hello!

Vietnamese – Anh có khoẻ không How are you?

Thai – สวัสดีครับ Hello, how are you?

Yes.. being an Asian language fanatic, I have been dying to be able to post in anything other than English again.

Life is good……

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3 Thoughts to “Whereisant Is Multilingual Again!”

  1. awonglk

    Comments are also now multilingual! Yeah!

    Chinese – 你可以用中文來發信給我!

    Japanese – 今日本語を書いてできる!

  2. Do you know all those languages? I have had to mess with multilingual capabilities of different applications but heck if I can type anything that makes sense.

  3. awonglk

    I only know Chinese/Japanese/korean. The rest.. no idea.. haha..
    I’m sure you’re right up there with those Thai characters. No??

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