Sydney International Motorshow!

You know.. one thing I love about living so close to the city, or Sydney in general is, I literally walk 2 blocks and I am at the Sydney International Motorshow! When I lived in Brisbane, the TV news always seems to portray Sydney motorshow as being superior with better, newer looking cars than Brisbane show has to offer. Since I’m now finally in Sydney, I thought I gotta have a look..

After a morning of hardwork, I decided to have a afternoon off, and see what Sydney’s motorshow have to offer..

The entrance fee was $17, which is pretty reasonable, I suppose. I brought my digital SLR just in case there’s some interesting cars I gotta take photos of. At the end of the day, it was not as impressive as I thought it would be. All the cars you would expect to be there is there.. like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes, BMW etc etc..

If there was a ccar that stood out for me, it was this Maybach.. “LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THE THING,” I hear the crowd says..

Maybach Batmobile

Another notable mentions of the show are Lexus’s new IS, and the BMW coupe. The most interesting part of the show, was perhaps the 4WD outdoors test track. This is where people interested in buying a 4WD gets to sit in quite a few different choices of 4WD, and be driven around by a professional. The track had 45% tilts, steep inclines, rocky surfaces & see-saw crossings. Definitely fun watching people driving them around the short track. Well.. it was fun watching the mistakes that some make.. 🙂 Fortunately, there wasn’t any major accidents.

Overall.. I probably would not come back to this motorshow next year, unless they had something pretty special advertised. But, at least I can put it down in my book, that I have visited the SYDNEY INTERNATIONAL MOTOR SHOW!

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