Snorkelling at Clovelly

Today, it’s one of those Sundays that we just spontaneously decided to go snorkelling. We haven’t done it for quite a few weeks. Thanks to one online Sydney Morning Herald article, and given Marissa was still a beginner, we decided to head down to Clovelly. It’s in between Bondi & Coogee, so it’s not very far at all.

Clovelly is simply a modified cove, so it’s well protected from ocean swells. I was surprised that we didn’t know about this location sooner! It’s almost a secret spot! To me, it looks like a very very long swimming pool, leading to the ocean.

The day started with trying to get Marissa to snorkel properly. Until today, she still has the habit of standing up after about 5 seconds of swimming in the water. She’s apparently “scared”. It was almost embarassing to be hanging around the shallow end, where all the kids are playing! But after almost 1 hour of practising, she finally gained a bit more confidence, and improved a little.

The shallow end was a little bit murky, but I didn’t expect clean/clear water, so it wasn’t too bad. Near the rocks, there were quite a few different species of fish (all small ones). It’s amazing how many different types of fish you see here, none of them I recognise, given I’ve seen quite a few while scuba diving along this coast (further south), a few months ago. When Marissa took a rest at the beach, I decided to venture further out, and deeper where all the snorkellers are. It’s here that I was truly amazed. The water is MUCH clearer, but colder. It’s almost crystal blue! This is definitely the cleanest water I’ve seen in Sydney since scuba diving around sydney a few months ago! It’s almost a different world compared to the waters near the shallow beach. You get to see some small ‘swordfish’ like fishes.. And completely different species of fishes. I’m no fish expert, so I have no idea what they are.

Later, we ended up walking around the rocks closer to the ocean entrance into the cove. Quite a lot of dog-owners come here, that’s all I can say.

The only down of the day? Perhaps the few blue-bottle jellyfish In fact, I didn’t even know it was a blue-bottle jellyfish (never seen one before). I thought it was some plastic blue bottle with a some blue strings tied to it. Hmm.. I guess that’s how it got its name! 🙂

For lunch, we went to Bondi Junction, and came home a happy boy/girl in the evening. Definitely a spot I’ll be back for more next time.

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