Shopping In Japan For A Day

I don’t recall having such an ‘other-worldly’ experience, just going shopping right here in Melbourne for a while. I have heard that a new Japanese store, called “Daiso”, opened a mere 2 months ago in Abbotsford, and looking at their ads, it seems interesting enough for me to pay it a visit. After all, it’s Daiso’s first store in Australia, and apparently they already have hundreds throughout the rest of the world! Why is Australia their LAST destination?


You can think of it as the equivalent of “Dollars and Sense”, or “Crazy Clerks”, except everything at Daiso is $2.80, no matter what you buy. The store itself isn’t massive, but does carry quite a large variety of stuff that I have never seen at any other stores. Being a Japanese store, all packaging has Japanese writings on them. Thankfully, it does have English as well.

The way that I was conducting myself.. let’s just say I probably looked like a refugee that just returned home after years abroad. I giggled and laughed at just about everything that the store had, like I haven’t seen them for years. Why wouldn’t you?? Here’s some samples..

To start with, there’s soy sauce candy… enough said..


How about 20 pieces of ‘black’ ear cleaning stick? Why is it blacK??


Oh.. this is my favourite..  How about charcoal hair shampoo & treatment?? Do people really wash their hair with charcoal in Japan??


And wow.. how about wasabi deodoriser!??


Love wasabi so much that you want to smell like one? Well.. get one of these!! Perhaps it’s the secret weapon to attract the ladies of your dreams!

It’s certainly a fresh change from the usual brands I’ve been used to, shopping in any other typical stores in Australia. OR… maybe I’ve been living in a cave for too long, and didn’t realise people started washing their hair with charcoal, and deodorises their home with wasabi.

Either way.. I’m going back to Daiso for more!

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