Nestle Team Day

Yesterday was my first participation in Nestle’s ‘Team Day’, which involves my team (e-Technologies) and the Infrastructure team. It was held at Curzon Hall in Marsfield, which happens to be Raymund’s wedding place a few years ago..

I got their by train to Eastwood, followed by bus 545 to Agincourt Rd. The bus was full, so it wasn’t picking up anymore passengers. While I was on the bus to Curzon Hall, I saw the bus went right pass this bus station that an asian school girl was waiting for. She was puzzled by why the bus went pass, so she waved and kept running after the bus. The bus soon stopped at a red-light, allowing her to catch up. The bus driver refused to let her in. Disappointed, she started running towards the next bus stop. As the traffic was very heavy, she had enough time to get there. Unexpectedly, the bus went straight pass the bus station again. The girl had this shocked look on her face! This is understable, given her effort. But I guess the bus was full, and the bus driver was clearly not the ‘nice’ type.

Anyway, I got there pretty early. I brought my digital SLR camera, only to discover the battery was still left at home charging. How silly was that. Seiji was already there, along with Loan. Raymund arrived in time too.

The morning kicked off with Seiji’s little speech, and then the introduction by the ‘Team Focus’ facilitor. It looks like we will be doing a LOT of ‘team-related’ bonding sessions all day today.

And sure enough, the day started with signing sheets for each other, outdoors plank activities (halted by rain), then playing around with stack poles, followed by widget assembling competition, the blind man walking through gates activity (outdoors), and then back to the plank activities at the end of the day.

It was definitely a very educative day. If I have one thing that I remembered most, it was that they emphasised ‘Management will not fix anything, we as a team will need to do it’. Hmm… something to think about..

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