My Shopping Centre ROBBED!

I would have never thought Rhodes Shopping Centre would be the target of an ATM robbery. Being such a new and expensive area, I’ve never heard of any police sirens in the short time I’ve lived here. Until now…

Rhodes Robbery Rhodes Robbery

We woke up very early this morning (6:30am) to go to the gym in Rhodes Shopping Centre. When we got to there, we were only surprised to see crime scene tapes in the shopping centre!

Rhodes Robbery

The shops were obviously all closed at that time in the morning. If you look closer, you see a 4-wheel drive parked in the middle of a walkway. Normally when you see a car in a shopping centre, it’s some sort of big prize to be won if you buy a raffle ticket. I can assure you this is no raffle draw to win a car!


Rhodes Robbery

From what I can gather from the Michel’s Patisserie people (the only shop open), the robbers rammed into the shopping centre via The Coffee Club with 2 cars to steal some free-standing ATM machines in the shopping centre. They reckon it’s the same robbers that robbed Burwood Shopping Centre twice lately. They got away in one car, and abandoned the one above. Kind of chilling thinking about the sort of things robbers would do to get money.

Rhodes Robbery

The picture here shows where they got in. That’s right, the whole side-dooor of The Coffee Club was ripped out, with a lot of damaged walls on the inside. The coffee shop itself seems to be ok though.

By 10am, the car has been driven out, and the coffee shop is back to business as usual. Most of the people and shop-keepers probably didn’t even know that the robbery happened! They did a damn quick job to clean up the place!

You must be wondering, how come I’ve got a camera at 6:30am, going to the gym? Haha.. I actually ran home to get the camera to take the shots above. It’s probably news that is not even worthy enough to be reported in the 6pm news tonight. But hey, if you hear it somewhere, it’s reported here first! 😉

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