Mad Weekend..

Immediately after Saturday night’s post, I must say it has been an extremely wild weekend since! Let’s see..

* Major car accident right in front of our apartment
* Catching up with JB’s primary school friends
* Street arrest right in front of our apartment
* Visited Circular Quay / China Town / Kings Cross / Wolloomooloo / DFO / Cabramatta / Chatswood / Cremorne
* Tried Turkish Gozleme / Japanese Ramen / Vietnamese food / German food & beer

The wild weekend started with a LOUD BANG on Harris Street right next to our favourite Japanese restaurant. JB was taking a shower at the time, I heard it while I was writing Saturday’s blog post. At first Marissa thought someone had hit her van. We didn’t think much of it. But soon, there were sirens rushing closer. Our curiosity soon overtook us, and rushed to the balcony. Well, there it is.. looks like a Ford had smashed really hard into a BMW which ended up smashing into the lamp pole. There were ambulances, police cars and fire engines. From the look of things, the BMW guy looked ok, while the guy in the Ford was pretty seriously injured. I did see blood on his forehead. The scene looked like it was from the movies!

Anyway, Marissa, JB and I went down and took a closer look. People reckon the Ford driver was drunk. No one had any idea how the accident happened. Check out my photo gallery for some wasted BMW & Ford photos..

As a result of this accident, Ingrid (JB’s friend) was seriously delayed. We were suppose to meet up for dinner, and it will also be JB’s chance to meet his long-time-no-see primary school friend, nicknamed ‘Dimples’. We ended up meeting in the city where she ‘accidentally’ parked in Citibank’s private carpark. One of the employee had to let her car out. We went and had dinner at Star Casino, followed by some drinks at Astral Bar. JB really liked the waitresses in uniforms (white 1-piece dress). The night ended on a happy note, with lots of reminiscing about old times in the Phillipines. We are seriously thinking about going to Phillipines for a holiday next year.

The next morning, we had issues getting up. The original plan was to follow Marissa to work, but we ended up getting up late. Took JB around Circular Quay, and had German food for breakfast. I had a speck, JB had a Frankfurt. Once again, JB liked the waitresses in uniforms, but was too chicken to ask them for a photo. Later on at Circular Quay, I get to see our old ‘friend’ performing the bike on a post trick. JB wasn’t used to performers asking for money. We did the ‘runner’ without paying him. It was a good show though.

Later that afternoon, we walked all the way to China Town, and did a bit of shopping at Market City. JB didn’t buy anything. Anyway, the train trip down to Cabramatta was interesting. We swapped stories of girls that went after us.. it was a good laugh.. In Cabramatta, we had some authentic dishes -> The best I can describe it is ‘sour fish soup’, and ‘dark sauce hot pot fish’.. hehe.. We even managed to squeeze in a movie, ‘Deuce Bigalow 2’ at the Broadway. That was a waste of money. But it has been a long day..

Come Monday, it was time for me to chuck a sickie. It was a quick and painless email to my boss, and that was it. As Marissa had to work, we quickly drove ourselves down, and had ‘banh bao’ (which is equivalent to chinese white bun) for breakfast. Now that’s something I haven’t had for a while! We then went to another Vietnamese place and had “Vietnamese Pankcake” which JB really wanted to try. Before we headed back for lunch, we paid the much hyped up (by us) DFO a visit. JB bought some clothes, but reckons Melbourne DFO he visited earlier last month was better.

For lunch, we drove back up to China Town, and had Japanese Ramen. JB reckon it’s the best ramen he ever had. In the afternoon, it was Chatswood shopping. That wasn’t too interesting, and we went home for a quick rest. That night, we witnessed an arrest right in front of my apartment. I swear Pyrmont has never been so ‘dramatic’, since JB arrived. We had no idea why he’s getting arrested but I guess it was for drink driving. Anyway, it was Wooloomooloo hotdog for snacks later. We even fitted in a short drive pass Kings Cross. It’s Monday, so we didn’t expect much. It was pretty dead. Even Leichardt was dead. Not giving up, we went to Astral for a quick drink. Once again, it was closed. But JB thought the asian waitress was worth the walk..

Anyway.. it’s been a fantastic weekend. It’s now back to reality for me and JB. He should be on the plane now on his way back to Brisbane. Overall, we were successful in turning his ‘dislike’ of Sydney to that of ‘I like Sydney’. Let’s just see if he will end up moving here next year.

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