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For a nation known for BAD coffee, it’s worth trying for yourself just to try first hand HOW BAD it really is! Of course, if you’re someone that drinks coffee in Melbourne all the time, you would not even come near any of the coffee in London. It’s that bad!

Other than bad coffee, there’s fish & chips, which seems to be the ‘staple’ of all Londoners. Again, for anyone who have had any REAL fish & chips in Australia or New Zealand, the ones here in London don’t tempt me at ALL!!

Fortunately, they make up for it with some pretty interesting ‘alternatives’ namely their Indian food, which is known for the BEST Indian Food outside of India! I tried one myself, and agree.

DSC00469 DSC00547 DSC00518 DSC00589

There’s also the "Kebab", which is at least DOUBLE the size of what we get here in Australia. It’s so stuffed full of salads and meat that the bread is barely visible!

And lastly, the Yumcha in UK. Not sure if it’s an issue with space, but there’s no push-cart trolley to be seen anywhere! You have to either know what order, or order from a menu. Takes away the fun, doesn’t it?


One thing blatantly obvious when you walk around London, is the number of Theatres you’ll find! It’s as if Londoners live for theatres! No doubt, it’s one of those things you MUST do if you visit London.

DSC00561 DSC00562 DSC00566 DSC00568

I went to see "Billy Elliot – The Musical" at Victoria Palace Theatre, with Wai Kuan & Wei. They’re my highschool friends that just moved here 3 weeks earlier. Atmosphere wise, the show certainly feels a lot more ‘authentic’ with the centuries old interior and a whole ensemble providing the background music. It’s definitely very cramped, but most importantly, the show was very entertaining. Couldn’t be happier!

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