Leaving Pyrmont

Leaving Pyrmont isn’t as easy as I thought. It’s the place I’ve stayed in since I came to Sydney almost 2 years ago. I’ve got nothing bad to say about. I’ll miss the Korean stores (They’ve got the most interesting snacks!!). I’ll miss the 5 minutes walk to the wonderful Darling Harbour. I’ll miss all the endless events and exhibitions that goes on every weekend. Definitely will miss Kinokinuya bookstore in Town Hall, where I spent quite a lot of time visiting on weekends. Of course, I’ll miss all the excellent Japanese food in the area (e.g. Ichiban Boshi, Hamachi etc etc), and the $4 Coffee/Cake deal at the local coffee shop (I don’t even remember the name).

I’ll even miss my real estate agent. His name is Henry, and I can tell you exactly why I like him. He’s never bothered to do a property inspection of our place. He’s never raised our rent since I moved in. We’ve never spoken to each other or met each other than the day we signed the lease. Not a single complaint. Now, if I’m a landlord of this property, I’ll be pretty pissed!! Luckily we’re good tenants, and the place is in good-shape. I don’t think my new real estate agent will be as ‘care-free’ as Henry. 🙁

Anyway, after our last $4 coffee/cake deal, and cleaning up of the Pyrmont, we handed the key over to Henry, and left the place. Good bye Pyrmont!

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