Japan – Chitose Town & Airport

We ended our end of 2017 trip with a stay-over at Chitose town itself (near the airport.. but it’s NOT the airport itself). We stayed at ANA Crowne Plaza, which didn’t take us long to work out that it’s where most of the airline pilots/air-stewardess stay as well. It wasn’t even right next to the Chitose train station, where we ended up dragging our luggage across snow filled streets for about 20 minutes before making it to the hotel. Lucky it wasn’t snowing when we arrived. Otherwise it would have been extra challenging! Anyway, once we checked in.. Ethan probably found the most unique feature of the hotels we’ve seen so far.. a neon glowing toilet!

As we only had a single full day there.. we really didn’t venture out too far at all. The local AEON mall kept us entertained, and was also where I had my last chance to have cheap and unique sushi (like natto sushi). The furthest we ventured out was probably the Chitose Outlet Mall Rera. It was too cold to hang around there too long, so we didn’t spend much time there at all, opting to come back to the local mall for some last minute shopping. On the last day, we checked out and pretty much spent the whole day at the Chitose international airport itself. Ethan had his fun at the Doraemon park, and I had my last “Onsen” bath.

The flight itself was pretty uneventful, and I had a feeling Ethan was probably quite glad he was “home” after a long 3-weeks away. At least I haven’t seen him voluntarily come down to run by himself when we landed!

That ends my rather long series of holiday coverage for Japan!

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