First Baby Spa

Yes, it’s a fact.. Ethan cries quite a bit. It has been 2 months since he was born, and if there’s one thing consistent, it’s his crying. There is ONE exception.. however. Probably the only time he doesn’t scream and shout at all, is when he takes a shower. With that in mind.. I thought, “Why not take him out and do some water related activities?” And the conclusion? BABY SPA!!

Mummy (like they all have) had the usual concerns.. like too much chlorine in the water, cold temperatures, other baby’s ‘diseases and fatal viruses’, sanitary concerns with the facilities etc etc. Once she got over that, it was fun time for Ethan.

Getting Changed

The staff at Baby Spa @ Harbourfront were pretty professional (or so it looked to me). Didn’t take long to whip Ethan out of his clothes, and on goes his waterproof diaper, and what I call, ‘Neck Strangler’..

Not so happy yet


He didn’t look too happy with it at first, although he didn’t cry.. He’s definitely getting a LOT of attention though, with quite a bit of crowd standing by the shop windows to check him out!! Didn’t seem to bother him too much, and eventually relaxed a bit and even curious enough to turn around and ‘say hello’ to the crowd.

Like A Zoo


Before you know it.. any parents can tell when their baby is ‘happy’..


Happy Baby


Except.. it was a mere 15 minutes before he had to be whisked out of the water… 🙁 Back to crying again…

It was all worth it.. fortunately captured in this short video that hopefully he’ll appreciate much later..



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