Ethan’s Second Birthday

I am finding that every post I write now includes pointing out just how fast time flies! Ethan is already 2, and I swear it felt like yesterday that he landed on our lap and invaded our lives. All good… his actual birthday being 21st July, was on a week day (Thursday) so we didn’t really do a whole heap except a small celebration with other kids at his play school.

Fortunately his actual birthday celebration on the 23rd (Saturday) was a bit more interesting. I didn’t quite have anything ‘grand’ in mind, but wifey had a slightly different idea. She went ahead with most of the planning for his party that centred around this new indoor playground called Red Bean Park at 100 AM shopping centre. It was a bit of an accidental discovery when we decided to pop by our old neighbourhood of Tanjong Pagar, and found this place when we ‘revisited’ this shopping centre one of the weekends earlier. The reasoning for choosing this place was relatively straight forward, being a place that Ethan and all the invited kids can play and enjoy themselves. After all it’s about the kids, not the parents right? Grandpa and grandma, along with Ethan’s auntie (Wifey’s mum/dad/sister) came along for this celebration, and was probably the only help we needed.

The actual party starts late afternoon, after most kids would have had their nap. As expected Ethan wasted no time playing right away..

So did most kids that came long. We probably didn’t do too well convincing everyone to come to the party room itself to eat food..


Eventually we did..


Sang the birthday song.. no speeches though..


Plenty of food left..


We tried to get a few group photos together, but any attempts for a big group photos were a big epic fail..



The kids simply weren’t interested. Anyhow, Ethan rarely lasted more than 1 hour at a playground. Today he lasted the whole 2-2.5 hours. Obviously he liked the playground and perhaps the company of his school mates provided. For the parents, we barely had enough time to catchup nor had time chance to talk to all the guests properly. We didn’t even go out for dinner that evening, and simply had the left overs.

The party was declared a ‘success’, all thanks wifey. As for this post.. I guess this little baby video was put together by myself, to remind us down the track of our little devil and how fast he’s growing up, a pain and a joy at the same time..



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