Ethan Learning To Rollberlade

My last couple of attempts to get Ethan to learn skiing during our trips to Japan had been a complete failure, to say the least. The only thing I could get him to do up to now, was probably put on a pair of ski boots for photos.

We knew we needed some preparation prior to our ski trips each year, and one of those technique was to get him a pair of roller-blade which at least have similar movements to what he will need on a set of skis. So, some time late last year (just before Christmas), we went ahead and bought a set of inline skates at Decathlon for about SG$30, similar to this one.

It took a bit of convincing, but given the choice between inline skates and homework, he at least made several attempts to put them on. A bit of whinging, crocodile tears and a couple of runs in the house, he was able to at least stand up..

And a few attempts later, he was at least able to “walk” down the length of the condo unit we stay in.

As of this weekend (probably about 5 attempts over a few weeks apart), there is at least signs of improvement.

He could run the length of our condo basement carpark for now. Now all I need to do is make sure he will jump into a set of skis and do the same in Japan in about 1.5 weeks from now!

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