Definitely In China

It was approximately 10:30pm local time, and my eyes were barely open as my AirAsia flight was about to land. It had been a very long day, and I was just plain tired. But as the plane touched the tarmac, I thought to myself, “Great.. we’re finally here”, with my eyes still half closed. The smooth thump on the tarmac was almost too good to be true.

Then, I noticed something different. Off goes about a dozen varieties of ringtones from various passengers around me. Huh? I recognized some of those to be SMS messages received tones from Nokia, iPhone & Sony Ericsson phones! I was thinking, ‘For god’s sake! You’re not suppose to turn on your phones yet!!’.

And then something else happened. Even with my half closed eyes, I saw a female passenger sprinted off her seat (yes, while the plane was still braking), walked about 2 metres, opened the cabin luggage door to take out her luggage, and hurried to sit back down at her own seat! The swift movement was too quick for the cabin crew to come over to stop her. I thought to myself, “Geez lady! You can’t wait for the plane to stop before rushing for your luggage?”.

All of this happened, even before the plane veered off the main runway to stop at the terminal. You can just imagine how everyone behaved on the way out of the plane. Ahh.. that’s how I knew I’m DEFINITELY now in China.

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2 Thoughts to “Definitely In China”

  1. Have you seen when most of the people get up when the plane just touched down? It is quite a sight.

  2. awonglk

    Haha.. ok.. only saw 1 or 2, not ‘most’ people get up. I would hate to be the air stewardesses on a Chinese flight!

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