Day Trip to Canberra

It’s a place that we have always wanted to visit, but kept it at the back of our minds for a while. The last time we passed here was when I went snowboarding up at Thredbo. It’s only today that we finally decided to drive there to see what the city has to offer. Our image of the place is that of a boring little city with nothing to do and see.

A 3 hours drive (left at 8:30am) got us there rather late at about 12:30pm. That’s half the day gone already, so we had to decide and see the most important feature of the city – THE PARLIAMENT HOUSE! After a quick lunch at the city centre, we started heading towards the main attraction. And sure enough, the famous parliament house was quite a sight with its impressive design and expensive fittings. We took the free tour and discovered the upper and lower house where the politicians carry out their daily duels. I was impressed with the fact that you could actually hire out the main hall for private events. Apparently Britain’s Tony Blair was here 2 weeks ago.

We finished the rest of the day off with a visit to the Telstra Tower, where we saw the highest Post Office Box in Australia? Compared to the parliament house, the view was rather uninteresting.

Canberra is actually quite an interesting place with quite a few things on offer. There are numerous museums on offer, which we had no time for. It’s definitely worth coming back next time to spend more time in each one of them. Surprisingly, there are heaps of chinese here which I didn’t expect. Plus, there’s quite a few technology companies here making employment here a possibility for me.

All in all, a short & quick getaway. Definitely will come back again.

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