Christmas 2005 in Brisbane..

Just returned this morning from Brisbane at about 11:30am, and now at work after 5 days in Brisbane! It’s been tiring, but definitely a fun & memorable 5 days. Managed to pack a Christmas party, few family dinners, meeting with ex-Aldy colleagues & JB, swimming @ Pat’s and just plain quality time with Rocky..

First day arriving in Gold Cost (flying Jetstar) was welcomed by my parents & Helen. Roselind just departed for El Salvador the same morning! So I didn’t get to catchup with her. Felt like we haven’t seen each other for ages! Later on that evening, had a chance to catch with JB. Same old same old.. Managed to go to the city, and even bought my sister (Helen) a book as a Xmas present.

2nd Day was spent doing absolutely nothing! Was intending to go to JB’s brother’s place, but didn’t ended up going anywhere. Time was spent just relaxing at home, playing an old game and had a bit of time with Rocky. We did have a Christmas eve dinner with my cousin’s family.

3rd Day was a bit more fun. It was Christmas. Went to church first with my family, and then paid my 2 pre-purchased apartments a visit. There seems to be a bit of progress. After this, had coffee at La Dolce Vita in Milton. It’s my parent’s first time there.

Later on that evening, it’s time to go to the party that Daniel have spent a lot of time preparing. Managed to drag Jack Chui & his gf along. The party was definitely filled with people I don’t know. At the same time, there were quite a few familiar faces like Adeline, Sean & Sherry. There were even my old high-school mates like Johny & Shin. The party was definitely quite well organised with games like “Pass-The-Parcel” & “Secret Santa”. The girls there were definitely a little on the ‘wild’ side. The most memorable were ‘Kimmy’ the Vietnamese chic that steal. There were ‘Mary’, who’s apparently a dentist and I swear I’ve seen her before somewhere (Maybe through Kanako). Anyway.. there is then Wong (Thay’s cousin), who we believed he got lucky with some girl called “Tina” that night. Sherry was really ‘smashed’ that night. Definitely a heavy drinker. Compared to everyone, I was tame. Me & Kwan (Eddie) were chatting about our career! Playing a bit of pokies with some. Even Jack Chui & Nina were both smashed… what a night..

The next day (Monday) was suppose to be a day for fishing with Pat & JB. The weather was a bit hot, so we only went to do a bit of shopping at Myers in the city. Later on that evening, it was time to cool down, and we had a bit of a swim at Pat’s house. Even managed to catch up with Pat’s parents and talked a bit about importing! After swimming, it was time for family dinner at Marigold. Somehow, I even fit in a movies with JB, watching “Fun with Dick & Jane” after that.

Tuesday is my last day. The morning was spent meeting up with Phung & Alistair in Inala. As usual, we crapped on about gossips and how bad the leaders are etc etc.. haha.. I passed on my xmas cards to them as well. The surprise of the morning was a visit by Salina later. Definitely an interesting morning. Later on that day, I paid JB another visit for one last time. Watched a Jet Li movie. I am suppose to be meet up with Elaine, but she’s too busy with the bf’s parents..

This little trip has been fun-filled & ‘quick’. There were a few things that I didn’t get to do, like meeting up with Elaine, seeing Kevin’s new place, meeting up with Jachin. But I’ll get to that next time I’m back..

On to new years 2006.. !!

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