Cheap Ice Cream in a French Restaurant

You know.. when it comes to cuisines, I have always associated Singapore with such dishes as chicken rice, bee hoon, kway teow and laksas. What I didn’t expect was that there’s actually quite a large selection of French restaurants, with a lot more ‘Foie Gras’ readily available than I thought ! It’s the same surprise I received, when I went to Japan, and realised just how many Italian pasta restaurants you can find there. French cuisines must be Singaporean’s favourite foreign food here! 

Continuining our last adventure at L’atelier de Joel Robuchon last weekend, we continued with another supposedly ‘must try’ French restaurant on Sentosa Island itself, known as ‘The Cliff’. As you can guess by the name, it’s a restaurant perched up on top of a cliff, with the added bonus of overlooking the Singaporean bay (littered with ships of course). Apart from having no air-con, possibly as a unique feature, I did not actually wrote this blog post to rave on about the food. The food was great, but we really should have came here first, before going to L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon. It is definitely very hard to top that restaurant, in our opinion. Naturally, we were not as impressed with the meal, having spent roughtly the same amount of money. 

So what am I raving on about this restaurant that deserved a post of its own? Well, after our appetiser and mains, I was looking for dessert. Having being ‘not as impressed’ as last week, I thought I probably won’t be as impressed with dessert either. So why waste money on a grand dessert. The waiter recommended ‘Yuzu’ sorbet to me, as I liked something sour. The menu indicated that it was just $5, and I thought that sounded a cheap. I can’t get disappointed at a $5 ice cream if it looked like a $5 ice cream. And this is what I got:

If I were to be a contestant on ‘The Price Is Right’, I would have lost the game guessing the price of this ice cream based on the presentation! Surely it’s worth more than $5?? And you know what? It taste like it’s worth more than $5 too! I’ve never had Yuzu sorbet, but this is probably the nicest sorbet I’ve had for a while!

So there you have it. After spending close to SG$300 for the whole dinner, it was the $5 sorbet that saved the day for me…

Don’t get me wrong.. the other dishes I had were definitely good food. For a ‘non-foodie’ like me, I’m just saying I would pay a lot more for that $5 ice cream than what they charged us for, compared to the other dishes. Seriously.. I would come back here for an afternoon tea, just for that Yuzu sorbet again!

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