Asia Travel 2008 Summary – KL & Sibu

If there is one word to summarise KL and my hometown of Sibu, it is "FOOD"!! One reason why I hate going there, is the amount of "good" food  I am obligated to stuff down my stomach constantly. It’s almost unavoidable and a crime if I don’t try them. As you can imagine, it isn’t too friendly to your waistline. But I am on holiday, so it’s excusable.

Here’s a quick summary of my trip in KL & Sibu…

* Catching up with Winnie, my very old primary school friend. She didn’t fail to feed me a bucket load of food in just one day..

DSC01713 DSC01709

Here’s a few examples (Left: Clams, Right: Frog legs porridge)

DSC01706 DSC01704

When I got to Sibu, the food marathon ramps up, and continues. Almost on a daily basis, someone invites us to dinner somewhere, or we are out visiting old favourite cafes. Here are some examples:

* On the day I arrived in Sibu, it was my grandma’s birthday, so eating out is inevitable.  By the way, this is the "Wong" family… I’ll give you $5 if you can spot me 😛


Some notable examples of food we had… (Left: Half stir-fried / Half-steam fish, Right: Seafood boat)

DSC01719 DSC01718

* Eating endless amount of Durians. Some hate it, some love it. I can’t get enough of it. My grandma plants durians and various other fruits on her farm..

DSC01739 DSC01808

* Trying out exotic vegetable and fruit, like "Mi Lian" (wild fern) and "Wild" durian..

 DSC01842 DSC01811


* Having the Sibu or Foochow noodle specialty "Kam Muan" mee for breakfast. By the way, it’s only RM2.50 (~AUD$1.00)!! Oh, and it’s far superior (in my opinion) to Kuching’s Kolo-mee. 🙂

DSC01828 DSC01830

* If you’re in Sibu, you must try this very unique olive-like fruit, called "Ga-Lan" in Foochow. It has the texture of avocado. It is actually acceptable to take a bagful of these to any cafe and ask them to boil it for you, as we did for breakfast/lunch every other day..

DSC01788 DSC01790 

* And then there’s shopping for "fresh" food at Sibu’s central market, filled with activity and noise.. How about a live chicken wrapped up in newspaper (Left), and some "fresh" sotong (squid)?

DSC01801 DSC01793

The trip to Sibu, is as much a trip down memory lane, as it was about discovering new things. Sibu isn’t exactly a tourist town with a lot to see. But it does have a certain charm about it, that’s different to any other place in Malaysia. It hasn’t changed a great deal, and that’s the reason I like it. 

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