Archery / Snorkel / Parasailing Weekend..

This weekend is back to how I like a weekend to be. Adventurous, fun and involves some form of adrenalin. Credit goes to Darren for organising most of Friday & Saturday. Darren hired a car this time, so I guess he wants to make full use of it, and HE DID!

Friday night -> Basketball game at Olympic Park, watching the Perth Wildcats vs. Sydney Razorbacks. It’s Darren’s thing, and Marissa didn’t join this time. Somehow, just like last time, we were late and missed the start of the game again!

Saturday -> The morning began with a breakfast at Well Connected (in Glebe) where I have my favourite vegetarian Big Breakfast with coffee & juice. Followed by driving to Marissa to work. Me & Darren then went to Olympic Park (again!) to try archery! Now, this is definitely not something I’ve ever done. We went for the beginner lesson for 1.5 hours. As usual, Darren gets a bit cocky when he hits the bullseye here and there. We were told to use only 3 fingers to pull the string. While the string is probably very light by archery standards, my fingers started to hurt a lot towards the end. The highlight of the rounds I had, were the balloon hit on the first go.

Afterwards, we had our light lunch at The Coffee Club at Rhodes (only nearby). Thanks to the Entertainment Book! Later, we decided to go to the beach again, this time Gordon Bay. Darren apparently was told that this was another good place to go snorkelling. It’s right next to Clovelly. To me, it wasn’t as good as Clovelly. It’s bigger, but more isolated. A lot less people here. The water was definitely colder than last week. But we snorkelled anyway. There weren’t as many little fishes as Clovelly, but was soon welcomed by one very BIG BLUE Grouper! That has got to be the most reckognised fish for me. Too bad I can’t show everyone how big this fish is! As well as Snorkelling, Darren has taken an interest in arty farty photography. So, we took another one of his favourite ‘back’ shots.

Sunday -> Darren was off to Volleyball training, and his social BBQ thing. Without a car, me & Marissa head off to Manly. The main reason? I wanted to try parasailing. I wasn’t sure if I was able to get a booking as it seems pretty booked. But when I got there, it was all good. To me, parasailing is just hanging under a parachute and being pulled by a speedboat. It cost $90 to be hanging in the air for about 10 minutes. Doesn’t sound like a good deal, but it’s one of those activities you just HAVE to try. Marissa didn’t want to, so I had to go myself. There were 3 other couples joining me. After getting myself harnessed properly, I was soon slowly ‘released’ into open air with the boat moving. At first, I thought it might feel a bit scary, but I have to admit it’s a very very smooth ascent. I did not feel any sudden drop type of sensation at all. Once in the air, it’s just views views and more views. Thoughts like, “Is this how a bird feels when it is flying up here?” It does feel quite ‘free’ as many described it. I looked up at my parachute, and then down at the boat pulling. The boat seems to be so far away! And then I looked at the string pulling me. Seriously, if that string gets cut, I would not have a clue what would happen or know what to do. Anyway, that small negative thought soon went away, and I started to enjoy the rest of the ride.
Parasailing in Manley

That afternoon, Marissa and I went to Bondi Junction for a bit of shopping. I pretty much spent 2 hours reading in Borders bookstore. I love that bookstore! Anyway, this completes this weekend, and it’s back to ‘fun’ again. Hopefully I can keep that up next weekend!

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