A quickie trip to Lucern

Switzerland is definitely not a country where a day trip could ever cover (of course) in full. My intention was purely to let my wife experience a little bit of Switzerland that I experienced when I was here twice a few years ago (although they were both part of a work trip). It was intended to be an introduction before we make a full blown trip here some time in the future. I chose Lucern for its apparent beauty, and its location next to a lake, which is probably representative of what Switzerland is all about.

Being only 200-300km away from Ishgl, it wasn’t a particularly long drive, and we were there in no time. The only ‘disgruntle’, if any, was the fact that foreign cars need to pay a 33 euros ‘road tax’ to drive their car on Switzerland roads. It’s a 30 days pass, and there was no option for a short day pass, so whether you’re there for a day or 30 days.. It’s 33 euros!

That was quickly forgotten, when we arrived in Lucern, and walked around Hirstenstrasse. It’s pretty apparent, this is the German speaking part of Switzerland with road signs in German, and shop keepers speaking in German. The crowded ‘old town’ was bustling with life, and no doubt tourists make up most of the people strolling around here. It’s ‘touristy’ but didn’t stop us exploring the shops and the ‘romantic’ streets…

We checked into our hotel later that evening at Seehotel Hermitage, about 10 minutes drive away from town. We were soon shocked at just how pretty the backdrop was!

Wow.. How spoilt the Swiss must be, to be able to wake up to this view everyday!

The evening was complete with Swiss fondue at Pfistern in town.  It was one of those experiences that I did not get to do whilst travelling alone here last time. The concept was ‘interesting’ to say the least. Who in the world, would sit outdoors in windy cold weather, in their full winter jackets, covered with just a blanket, with no heater, apart from a bag of heated stones in your hands, just to eat cheese with bread dipped in a hotpot!? The Swiss of course!!

Having said that, I thoroughly enjoyed the alcoholic Swiss fondue that we ordered, although my wife probably didn’t enjoy as much as I did. Fortunately, the chocolate fondue that came as dessert later made up for it…

And trust me.. you’re going to need the warm bag and the blanket they supplied.. unless you want to freeze…

Too bad we were only here for one day and a single night. It has definitely left an impression enough to justify another trip back here. It’s hard to understand how a little country like this is so much ‘prettier’ eventhough we have only travelled a few hundred kilometres away. Will be back here again in the future.. for sure!

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