3rd Day of Scuba Diving – Oak Park

Today is another day of significance and achievement for me. After today’s dive, I am officially a PADI certified Open Water Scuba Diver. It is certainly the most enjoyable out of the 3 dives, and we certainly got to see some amazing underwaer sea life! It was at Oak Park at Cronulla. The spot that we were diving was just a stone’s throw away from the Royal National Park (I was there just 2 weeks earlier!?). It’s another sunny, hot day. The beach were littered with families and children running around the beach. The water was calm. Perfect day for diving!

The morning started off the same as the previous 2 days, except all of us were sucked into buying a cheap underwater camera. It was only $32, so why not!? However, this was to be the first and last time I get to see the camera…

The dive itself was great! We did a few more mask clearing skills, and fin pivots. But that’s about it. The rest of the time was spent exploring the reefs. As it was also Rob’s first time to Cronulla, the majority of the exploration was led by Carl (The other group’s instructor). Today, we were lucky enough to see Blue Gropers, a sea horse, and plenty of fishes I have no idea of. It’s definitely better than Bare Island yesterday. The size of these Blue Gropers were astonishing. They were pretty friendly though, swimming very close to us. I was busy taking photos with my new underwater camera. Karen (my diving ‘buddy’) looked a lot more comfortable diving today, and was definitely more keen than me to take photos. Anyway, these cameras have straps that are suppose to be hold around your wrists. Without me knowing though, when I was hovering with it dangligng around my wrist, it didn’t take long for it to disappear. I had no idea when it came off, but it was definitely gone. Fortunately Karen took quite a few photos, and I hope to get it off her when she has developed it.

Once we got back, we did our exam and all got our official certificate. I am really looking forward to this Saturday’s seal dive at Jervis Bay! If it’s as good as what it says in the brochure, I’m damn sure I’ll be diving around Sydney for a while!

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