2nd Day Diving at Bare Island

This is now the 2nd Day of the Scuba Diving course. It was to be my first ocean dive attempt. I was there early at around 8:30am. Believe it or not, I was the first to be there. I had a chat with Peter about diving, and long and behold, I was eventually sucked into getting a mask and a pair of gloves. I thought, why not!

Anyway, every instructor at Abyss has spoken highly of the dive site we are going to today. It was where one of the scene from Mission Impossible 2 was shot, where Tom Cruise rode a motorbike on the 100m bridge linking the island to La Perouse. Welcome to ‘Bare Island’! We were promised Sea Dragons & Blue Gopers. When we were at the site, Peter gave a brilliant introduction to the area. You can even see snakes here every Sunday! You know, the more I discover places like this in Sydney, the more I am surprised and amazed at what Sydney has to offer. Bare Island looks absolutely beautiful!

Bare Island in La Perouse

To kick off, we strapped on all of our gear, did our BWRAF checks (a pre-dive check procedure), and make our way towards the water. Kathy was a bit nervous, but was soon over it. The minute we jumped into the water, the first thing I noticed was the salty taste around my mouth. Thought I wasn’t gonna enjoy this. But I was wrong. Rob led me and Kathy underwater, and I was soon to discover just what a different world it is down there. Apparently we went down 10m, but it didn’t feel that deep at all. There were a lot of sea-life alright. Most I do not have a clue what they are. Besides, I was too busy concentrating on my breathing, than really enjoying the scenery. But, I did remember a blue groper, a rock cod and plenty of little colourful fishes. Some were swimming around freely, some were chasing each other, and some just sit on the reef surface. It’s definitely a lively place!

The 2nd session in the afternoon was a lot more skills exercise. I did feel a lot more comfortable in and out of the water. The day ended with a trip back to the shop to learn how to clean our gear. It’s another great day for me. Apparently we will be going to Cronulla tomorrow. Looking forward to that!!

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