Scuba Diving at North Bondi

Today, I made one of those spur of the moment decision to go diving. Darren decided to join, so we hired a car from Europcar to take this little day trip together. My original intention was to dive Magic Point to see Grey Nurse sharks, but they were all booked out. So, a dive in North Bondi was a random choice on offer by Abyss Scuba Diving (where I got my open water license).

A early morning drive to Abyss (with a quick drive-thru breakfast at MacDonalds) saw us heading off to North Bondi in no time. Darren wasn’t used to the Australian way of diving where all gear was hand-carried on our own. He came from the resort-style diving where everything was taken care of by local underpaid labourers. Before we even started, we were already semi-exhausted from moving all our equipment!

The location was pretty breathtaking, as it was just north of the famous Bondi beach. As it’s Darren’s 5th dive ever, and being my dive buddy for the day was a slight concern for me. Other than that, the water was superb, and the dive site excellent! Darren looked a little uncomfortable underwater, and was definitely breathing heavier than the rest of us. Being only 15m deep, we were lucky enough to still see quite a lot underwater. The most memorable for me was “The Cathedral” cave, and the swim-thru canyon. The usual harbour sea-life like Blue Gropers, cuttlefish and weedy sea-dragon were also spotted.

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